About Us


We are a group of web and graphic designers who have 20 years experience in these fields.

We aim to deliver professional quality websites which wouldn’t look out of place next to a blue chip company’s site, but at an affordable price for small businesses.  20 years ago this would have been impossible, but modern technologies have made it possible for experienced web designers to put together quality websites without spending weeks doing it.  This is why Toffee Web Design’s prices are so competitive, compared with some web design agencies, who pay huge teams of marketing executives and salesmen, pushing their prices up.

There are so many web design companies out there charging anything from £50 to £5000 for a simple website.  Most people are happy to pay a fair price for a good job well done, but how much should a website cost?  The answer is that it takes a skilled software engineer about 2 days to complete a simple website.  This is why our 5 page brochure website prices start at £250 .  Good, honest, quality web design at a fair price.